The Programme





1st Session:

IP //


  • Friday, 2 March 2018
  • Start: 9:30 am
  • Lunch and Coffee breaks
  • Estimated End: 17:00
  • Followed by a Cocktail Reception

Can international arbitration serve as an effective alternative means of IP Dispute Resolution? What are the advantages? Where are its limits?

Speakers: Philipp Groz (Schellenberg Wittmer) // Prof. Peter Picht (University of Zurich)

2nd Session:

IP Disputes //


Which specialized mechanism do (or will) institutions provide for the resolution of international IP disputes?

Speakers: Sam Granata (Court of Appeal Antwerp) // David Perkins (WIPO Arbitrator and Mediator

3rd Session

Innovation //

Dispute Resolution

What disputes (are likely to) arise in the context of current and future technical innovations? What impact will these technical developments have on dispute resolution practice?

Speakers: Christian Loyau (ETSI) // Alesch Staehelin (IBM) //
Claudia Tapia (Ericsson) // Prof. Jacques de Werra (University of Geneva)