the conference

Patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other forms of intellectual property (IP) are of essential importance for a growing number of businesses. This leads to an increasing demand for effective dispute resolution mechanisms in the IP-sector, especially in an international setting.

A fine selection of the multitude of questions raised in this context will constitute the red thread for the first IP Dispute Resolution Conference Vienna:

  • To what extent can alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as international arbitration, supplement currently existing national court systems? What are the benefits? Are there unresolved legal issues?
  • (How) will the European system for the protection and enforcement of patent rights transform within the next few years (Unified Patent Court // Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre)?
  • What issues arise with regard to current hot topics in technical innovation, such as 5G / Internet of Things (Standardization and FRAND Disputes // Arbitration Guidelines)?


Convinced that new ideas flourish best in a sociable environment, the conference will dedicate time and space for interaction and exchange of thoughts.

Convinced that a change of perspective eventually provides a better overview, the conference reaches out to a broad audience, including members of the “dispute-resolution community” as well as the “IP-community”.

Convinced that the end of a conference should only be the beginning of new ideas, the event strives to be a starting point for further ventures and co-operations.

In-house counsel, attorneys, patent attorneys, judges, industry representatives and everyone who is interested in at least one of the following topics:

intellectual property, dispute resolution, technology.

who should attend